2. Kinetics

The Lineweaver-Burk Equation

The problem with the previous relationship is that it’s hard to get accurate values for Km and Vmax because of the hyperbolic relationship. It would be easier if it were a linear. A clever trick for turning this non-linear equation into a linear one is to flip it over. That is, write the Michaelis Menten equation in reciprocal form.

1/V0 = (Km + [S])/(Vmax[S])  =>  1/V0 = (Km/Vmax)(1/[S] ) +  1/Vmax

This is called The Linearweaver-Burk Equation, which is in fact a linear equation in 1/V0 against the independent variable 1/[S].

Compare this to y = mx + b, with b = 1/Vmax, m = Km/Vmax


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