photo: Walking with the Mullaneys through my old neighborhood in Kentucky, November 2018.

The surprise Engines of Our Ingenuity tribute episode I did for my dad’s 90th birthday. Episode #3240

photo: Day for Night Festival, December 2016.

A lecture I gave to the math graduate students at the University of Houston on the transition from math grad student to software engineer. Because, hi, that’s me.

A guy got to get ahead. Why, I’m thinkin’ of takin’ one of them correspondence school courses. Mechanical engineering. It’s easy. Just study a few easy lessons at home. I’m thinkin’ of it. Then I won’t drive no truck. Then I’ll tell other guys to drive trucks.  — The Grapes of Wrath 

photo: Houston Women’s March, January 2017.

My HarvardX biochemistry study notebooks. Exhaustive effort compiling these. I’m insane.

photo: Ontario, Canada. June 2017.

I took an Organic Chemistry course as an adult. Later I tried to build this molecule builder app. Gave up after two months of maddening labor. Still, some of it works.

photo: Brazos Bend Park. December 2016

I used to write jazz reviews for Fun while it lasted but it had too many side-effects. The reviews are still up though.

Coastal Project EP

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