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Luscious Chord Fatness

In the spirit of the previous post, I thought I’d talk about a few more chord tricks. Here the focus is on creating the biggest sound possible, the type of chords that have become go-to favorites for gospel, R&B, and jazz. These chords are all high in fat. Note that in some cases I double notes with the thumb. This may or may not be possible based on your hand size, but it’s worth a shot. Also, some of the left-hand stretches are pretty large. You can always roll these if the 10th escapes you.

First, a set of fat minor 11 chords. Yum, yum!

(click images to expand)

Next, here’s a set that highlights this approach applied to other types of sonorities:

As always, try applying these to other keys. In some cases you’ll lose the double-thumb advantage, but most ears won’t notice the missing note anyway.



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