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No Rhyme, No Reason: Farewell, George Duke

We all have our idols and today one of mine fell. George Duke, the veteran pianist, producer, and songwriter, passed away last night in Los Angeles at the age of 67 after a short battle with Leukemia. Fans reacted swiftly to the news of his passing. By late morning, his name became a trending topic on Twitter, #georgeduke. This high visibility may also have been bolstered by the following tweet:

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The Zachary Breaux Jazz Fest (Jazz Where Least Expected)

Many years ago, guitarist Zachary Breaux took a vacation with his wife and three daughters to the sandy beaches of Florida. As they meandered along the shore the group suddenly spotted an older woman in the water screaming for help. Breaux dived in to rescue her, but the currents were much more dangerous than they appeared. He and the woman, a 66 year-old Brooklyn resident, drowned under the force of a powerful rip tide.

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