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Quarantine World

Mid May. The world has shutdown. We’re locked in our pods. Got a text from my friend, singer Danielle Reich, about doing a remote duet. We settled on the appropriately named “Mad World” by Tears For Fears. Given our current state of misinformation and denials, I decided this four chord tune needed to be hacked up:

As a first foray into remote duets, I had yet to figure out how to sync live audio to video, which means that everything was done with iPhones. The keyboard track came first with the phone sitting to the left of my arm and then Danielle did her part. Then more piano. The whole process an opportunity to finally learn Final Cut Pro.

Once we settled on a mix, she posted it to her social channels. I keep forgetting how easy it is to get lost in that ocean. Sort of like this blog and its zero visitors each day. Still, it was fun and I think we both liked how it came out.

Here’s the final product. Danielle in her living room, me in my library. Happy 2020.

PS gotta say, that jump from Amin to Db7 on the outro (3:05) sounds so cool.

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