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Feeling Crusty

The North American plate drifts 3″ westward each year. That’s over 10 feet in my lifetime. I feel so unobservant. How could I have not noticed? One day it’ll slam into another continent. And Baja will move up to Alaska. Oh the fun those observing on a slower time scale must be having. We’re a regular Lava Lamp down here.

The History Channel is running a program that explains plate tectonics and the so-called Ring of Fire. Highly recommended. It’ll teach you this cool word subduction. Ocean floors have never seemed so interesting.

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  • Julia

    I feel immensely better now for having watched the history of the Himalayan mountain range the other night. With popcorn! Nothing beats continental drift, plate tectonics and the Indian subcontinent for a rollicking evening. (This message has been scanned for irony and declared 100% free of it.)

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