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Goon Squad

Egan’s chapters possess such richness, each one sturdy enough to exist on its own (indeed, a few were New Yorker articles before joining this novel), that when coupled into a whole, where strands from one story appear in another, where characters are vividly seen at various points in their lives across chapters with no linear chronology binding them, as the narration bounces from 1st to 2nd (!) to 3rd person, while one chapter is a Power Point presentation and another laden with futurist text lingo (pls kEp opn mind), an early chapter written as a young teen might speak, another written as a David Foster Wallace parody, and when from all of this chaos a beautiful story emerges, one that’s both period and science fiction, hipster and tender, you suddenly understand how and why A Visit From the Goon Squad scored this year’s Pulitzer.

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